Online Voting




In these times in which it is very difficult to gather tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people in the same physical space to gather or discuss matters of their organizations (federations, associations, clubs or others) and, after these debates, be able to exercise their voting rights in the various options, Extreme Solutions presents an innovative platform that is flexible enough to allow the creation of various types of online voting, more or less complex, with features like:

  • Anonymous or non-anonymous voting;
  • Sending access credentials via email and / or sms;
  • Management of participants who want to ask for the floor during the meeting;
  • Possibility that, during the session, new votes can be created as a result of the work;
  • Creation of different response options for each vote;
  • Management of the number of votes, per voter;
  • Results immediately available after the close of each vote;
  • Among many others.

The electronic voting platform is secure and very simple to use, accessed from any device with internet access, and can also be used in combination with face-to-face and postal voting.

This is a solution already used in leading organizations that guarantees the credibility of online voting, whether it be for the election of governing bodies or the voting of topics during a meeting of an Assembly.

More information:

Website: www.X2VOTE.com

Mail: evoting@extremesolutions.pt

Telef: +351 939 995 069